A cup for all seasons

Even thou I have been married seven years I have just discovered something strange about my wife. I have always taken if for granted that she felt the same way about cups as I do. The other day the bottom fell out of my world when I found she didn’t. Not only does she not feel the same. she thinks I am a bit odd for my views.

I have written before about my weekend cup, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. I also have a cup for coffee on school weekday mornings (well two I need a reserve, I don’t have time to hunt for it). One at school. I have one for coffee after school if I have any left. This isn’t used very often. I have another for school week days when I’m home ill, again a very underused cup. The one that caused the trouble was my hot chocolate cup.

My eldest step son had ordered a new Harry Potter cup for me for Christmas but only arrived the other week. I was very pleased with the gift and told my wife it would now become my evening hot chocolate cup, she gave me a very odd look. Maybe she hadn’t heard me correctly so I explained again this one will become my new hot chocolate cup, not sure what I will use the old one for, it could become the reserve but then what do I do with the old reserve cup? I got another blank look in return. So, I went on to explain the different cups I use assuming she had the same system. Apparently, she doesn’t, she just uses any old cup. I was shocked for seven years I had been making her tea in the same cup assuming that one to be the correct one only to discover she doesn’t mind.

I have now started to worry that there might other odd people out there who use any cup that comes to hand. I’m going to start a campaign to help these people. We will need legislation, inspectors and reeducation centers. Who’s with me?

Post script;

I asked my youngest (13) to take some photos of the cup for me, when he asked why. After I told him about the article he spent ten minutes walking around the flat saying “Who is going to want to read about a cup?” in increasingly incredulous tones. I hope he is wrong ….

25 thoughts on “A cup for all seasons

    1. For a start I don’t think there are left any more. Mental health treatment is now a bottle of strong cider and be told to get on with it.

      She would never get rid of me I can make a very good cosmo.


  1. Not odd at all, I have different mugs for different beverages. You could use your spare for soup, I have a special soup mug.

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  2. Tell your son he’s crazy to think that cups don’t matter 😉
    Yes. I have weekday cups and weekend cups… tea cups and hot chocolate cups. Cups for when I’m sick. Cups that I don’t mind if my husband uses. It’s very complicated, but it all seems normal to me 😂🤣

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