A love that dare not speaks its name

Sorry this is nothing to do with love, forbidden or otherwise I just liked the title. This is a story about a story. Over Easter my beloved computer died so I was stuck using my wife’s laptop for a few days. To stop going insane I wrote a short story. I’ve done a few before but to be honest they weren’t that good. This one I’m pleased with, it’s half decent. I am particularly fond of the ending.

So, what’s the problem? Well I can never let anyone apart from my wife read it because I based it on my writing group. It isn’t supposed to cruel but I took comments they made out of context and wrote them as caricatures of themselves. It’s not meant to be unkind but I know not everyone gets my odd sense of humour it might look like I’m being nasty.

Now I could show it to people who don’t know them, but that’s quite a mean feat as in the area I live in everyone is somehow connected. It also defeats the point of the story if you don’t know them then I don’t think the ending will make sense.
So my story is destined to forever live in a cloud.

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