Summers gone but True Wizards is still going.

My long summer holiday is over (no need for you to comment Kevin!) and I have been neglecting my blog I thought I had better write an update. Sorry to anyone who has commented on other posts and I’ve not replied, it was very rude of me.

One of the things I have managed to do this summer is work on my book. Before the summer I had gone through it and highlighted a lot of the things I didn’t like, or needed to expand. It was quite a lot, now I have been working through it. I’ve got about a third of the way. I was worrying that I needed to add to it, not just tidy it up a bit. What I’m pleased about, is I had some inspiration on where I can expand it a bit, most of it happened on holiday. We went away for a week in Corfu which writing-wise was very productive. I wrote three new scenes and plotted out a new book, but that will have to wait for now. My planning board for True Wizard is looking much better now.

I went to my writing group recently and foolishly offered to read the current chapter I’m working on next meeting. It’s the one before the first big plot twist. I was never happy with it and have extensively re-written it. It’s now twice as long and I might have to split it in two. I am a bit worried I’ve gone from being too brief to adding to much detail. Plus, there is always the fear of replacing bad writing with even worse. Probably why I offered to read it next month that way I’ll get some feed back.

Talking of feedback I have been thinking of posting my revised first chapter on my blog again. It’s a lot different from the first one I posted what seems likes an age ago. Any one interesting in seeing it?


9 thoughts on “Summers gone but True Wizards is still going.

  1. I am impressed. I always have the best of intentions of writing over a vacation, but for some reason, my family is less willing to let me than when we are at home.Still, every bit gets you that little bit closer.

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