Well that’s one less book sale.

I’m always threatening to put my students in my book, in an unflattering way, when they annoy me. I was talking about my book (again) in class the other day and told one student I was stuck for a name so used his. I then told them I have used a lot of their names in my book this conversation then ensued;

“If our names are in the book then we should get free copies.” Student whose name I recently used.

I replied, “You get a copy when you pay £8.99.”

“I’m not paying that much just to read that rubbish!”

Oh dear that’s one less sale, and years of therapy to re-build my shattered self-esteem.

regrets, #regrets, credit cards, #creditcards, travel, #travel, harry potter, #harrypotter,

P.S. I did get the students permission to use this conversation for my blog and the pictures used are not of him. Just in case you were wondering.


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