Interview with Author Jim Harrington

Today I’m interviewing James Harrington, husband, father, prolific author, blogger, gun enthusiast and American. You have another book out, do you want to give a quick summary of what it’s about? The book surrounds two characters; Raiya and Jagger. It takes place 30 years from the present day where humanity is locked in a global […]


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My Goals for the Year

I wasn’t planning on writing one of these posts but since half the blogging world is I thought I would give it a go. I’m a sucker for peer pressure. My goals for this year; Personal ones Stop eating crisps for breakfast (I’m doing that now, eating. not stopping) Don’t drink alcohol for two days […]

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Back in the blogging world

After a longer absence than I originally planned I’ve returned to my blog. Work has been particularly busy for the past few month and I’ve also been kept editing editing a book. Not mine unfortunately someone else’s, more of that another time. My own book has been progressing a lot more slowly than I would […]

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