Back in the blogging world

After a longer absence than I originally planned I’ve returned to my blog. Work has been particularly busy for the past few month and I’ve also been kept editing editing a book. Not mine unfortunately someone else’s, more of that another time.

My own book has been progressing a lot more slowly than I would have liked. I have been working on what was the hated chapter three which has now become chapter five and six. After reading it to my writing group and letting my wife look at it I have extensively re-written it. Now I’m a little happier with it. I hope I will still be as happy when I read it again in a few months. I now need to decide if I start the revision from scratch again or go back to where I left it. I was a bout the third of the way in before I jumped back to this chapter.

As for my blog I don’t have any great plans, I’m hoping inspiration will strike soon. I’m going to do a few articles called writing advice from an unpublished author, plus an interview with another writer. I know you can hardly contain your excitement.

Anyone care to share their blogging plans for the year?

14 thoughts on “Back in the blogging world

  1. Eric, blogging has been light, not a priority for months. The book writing took up all my time. Hope 2018 will be a stellar Earth Dog Year!! Good luck with your writing. An occasional blog will be good enough. Followers understand & will be there when you post! Happy New Year! 🎉 Christine

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  2. I think there is an ebb and flow to blogging. You find enthusiasm when life is going well (or interesting stuff to write about when it’s not.) but then, you catch a virus, your kid grows something toxic in the piles of dirty clothes and Halloween candy crumbled in the carpet, and you get distracted. Or quarantined. Whatevs. (My first time using that expression, did I get it right?)

    My current Blogging aspirations are to continue until I can’t any longer. Kind of like my plans for breathing and watching Supernatural reruns! May you also find it as necessary and natural as respiration!

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    1. Sorry you didn’t use in the right context. It’s a dismissive term implies you don’t care.

      “You upset me with you blog comment.”


      Although in the UK it’s a bit of a chavy phrase, not very you.

      I know what you mean about phases, I go through that a lot with my blog and writing generally.

      Glad to hear you’re carrying on blogging, I enjoy reading your posts.

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      1. Same here about reading your works! Though, I did try to Google the meaning of ‘chavy’ using the Urban Dictionary…and I totally didn’t understand the definition they gave. It was like reading higher math functions or quantum physics.

        “CHAVY: A person who thinks they are really hard, and walk round wearing Donnay and skin tight jeans, and also tuck their socks into their shoes.

        “I hate those Whaddon Chavies, all they do is go round in their fake crews saying, “Narrr, spark you clean!”

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