Drakin: The Story of Raiya, Release Date!!!

Here it is the second and probably last book I’ve eddied. I have obviously already read it and I know I’m a bit bias but this is a great book, his best so far. Go and pre-order it!

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Hello All,

Well this is it. We’ve straightened everything out and the book looks GREAT! Everything is going to print and the book should be on the shelves as of 1/26. This has been one major roller coaster ride for us, but we’re so thrilled to be done and cannot wait to offer you my latest story! So set your calendars, Raiya is coming!

Book Synopsis:
‘ “Abomination, freak, monster…”  You get used to names like these when you have yellow eyes, horns, and scales, but Raiya could have really cared less.

After being forced into exile because of her appearance, Raiya’s mind has been focused on one goal; hunting down the dragon lord that killed her parents. For over thirty years, humanity has been locked in a struggle for survival against a race of dragons that had fallen from the heavens. They took everything from her and consumed the…

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2 thoughts on “Drakin: The Story of Raiya, Release Date!!!

    1. I do enjoy editing someone else’s book and it helps with my own writing. The problem is the amount of time it takes to do it properly and like everyone else I’m sort of free time. The time I spend on someone else’s book is time I can’t spend on my own. That sounds very selfish now I’ve written it down.

      I might go back to it if I ever get writers block.

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