Advise from an unpublished author – the beginning

If there is one thing the internet is not short of is advice. It used to all be free but now I get plagued with offers of writing coaches and other such help, all for very reasonable amounts. These people, according to their pitches, are experts in their field, rich and successful yet still prepared so share their knowledge with the likes of us. I’m not running down these services they might be very useful and worth the money, I have no idea.

However, there is a gap in the market, where is the advice from somebody who doesn’t know what they are talking about? I feel I fit that description perfectly I have written one and half books, both of which haven’t been published and are in a permanent state of revision. I have edited two books by another author, not because I know how to edit but because I was free.

So, in the coming months I will be publishing my almost useless advice, for now it will be free so best keep a copy before I start charging.

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