Lose weight and earn money!

Don’t worry I’m not about to get you to join a pyramid scheme for selling dodgy diet pills. A friend at work has come up with a very clever wheeze. Instead of joining a diet club and paying subs, a group of us have all put £10 in to pot and the one who loses the greatest percentage of body weight by Easter wins the cash. So far it stands at £190

Now I have become very big, obese in fact so need to lose weight. More importantly I like gambling, so I want to win the cash. My plan is to cut my alcohol and sugar intake, stop living off crisps and jaffa cakes and exercise more. I might even eat some fruit. Being big I think it’s going to easier for me to lose the weight. At the time of writing this I’ve managed it for a week.

Apart from the money I do want to live a healthier lifestyle. I wouldn’t mind getting my sexy bum back either.

Any tips to help me win the cash?

31 thoughts on “Lose weight and earn money!

  1. Green smoothies for breakfast. Kale, carrots, lemon, ginger, banana, seasonal fruit, a few almonds with a splash of cran. juice in a blender. My spouse and I both lost 20 lbs. in 3 weeks and we weren’t doing any other cutting. It’s been nearly 3 years and the weight hasn’t returned. Amazingly, an 8 oz. smoothie keeps us full until lunch.
    Good luck!

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  2. Thats a motivation to start anyway Eric! Jyst some tips we would like to give are to have daily activity like walking for 20 minutes 5 to 7 days per week to clean the house walk the dog clean the car and so on! The ideal would be to do some exercise so you will.burn more calories and by getting less calories from the food this will make it faster for you to lose weight! In order to lose weiggt you should take less calories than you actually burn and burn even more with exercise, activity! And last but not least enjoy the process because above all you are doing it because you want to have a good health! Maybe this price gets you to have it as a healthy habit and a part of your lifestyle! Who knows? Good luck Eric!!!

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    1. Thanks all helpful advise. I’ve started doing 3 ten minutes brisk walks a day plus extra dog walks. I’m also swimming twice a week.

      I thought the hardest bit would be cutting down on alcohol, but it’s the sugar I’ve missed the most. Just shows how addictive it is.

      I’m hoping this will be a change of lifestyle rather than just a fad diet.

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      1. You are already there Eric! Good job! You will soon discover that eating right is a matter of habit and needs time! Just be patient and we promise that everything will me more clear later on! Stay focused on your path and remember that is the person who you became and you will become that matters the most!!!


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