The problem with following blogs.

Well this is not a problem for everyone, but I tend to read a lot of blogs that carry reviews of books. These blogs make the books sound so good I must buy them. I used to make a to read list, but I’ve given up on that as the list is too big. I was chatting to an author through my blog the other day, I promised to buy her book only to discover I had 6 months ago but not read it yet. I wonder if I can ask for paid time off work to read?

I could stop reading blogs but then why would I do that? Although that would give me more time to read books.

As a side note the book was The Magus Covenant: The secret that will change the world (The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series Book 1). I did read the book since writing this post and very much enjoyed it. The book has a great story.

Anyone have the same problem?


23 thoughts on “The problem with following blogs.

  1. I end up purchasing the books I think sound good on my Kindle, and they sit there on my virtual TBR pile! But I am pretty good at making time to read too… Blogs, and books! Two of my favourite things!

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  2. I can never have enough time to read all the books I want. I was born to the wrong economic circumstancess. I am not a woman of leisure. That said, my son was away at camp for two days and I managed to books, two movies, two, no, three meals out—if KFC really counts—and a pedicure. When given a quantity of free time sans child, I can move small mountains.

    So, in answer to your question. Yes, books are my addictive pleasure.

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  3. heheh I can certainly relate to this problem- it’s pretty much impossible for me to keep my reading list from growing exponentially. I do try to wait till I see at least two recommendations for the same book before adding it- but even then it’s hard to not add things which sound absolutely amazing.

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    1. Me, too. I love our inter-library load system. Mostly these days I am reading biographies and memoirs relating to songwriters — but if I find a particular book (usually a recent biography with new, more candid information about how the songwriter lived his or her life) i love, then I will buy a copy to have as a reference resource.

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