We need to make time

Arron on the boat

Of course, it’s impossible to make time, what I mean is we (or at least I) need to spend our time more productively.

We all have a lot of calls on our time not least we need to sleep. A massive waste of time but you can’t survive without it. For me then next biggest call on my time is work. I complain about my job but on occasions I really like it and it pays well so I should stop moaning. Add to that eating and other bodily functions. Then there is the joys of domestic tasks. I do most the cooking and, on the whole, enjoy it but I loath cleaning however it must be done. Fortunately, my wife shares the cleaning and takes care of the laundry.

Now if I where to add that up it still leaves quiet a bit of time for writing. However, there are other things I want to spend time on. For a start my family, although that was easier when I had the boat as it something we all enjoyed together. I also need time to exercise now with my new healthy lifestyle. I am also a great believer in down time. For me it’s mainly computer games and reading, a fair amount of time is wasted on the T.V.

Now I have tried to double up on some tasks for example while watching T.V I try to keep up with my blog. I can walk the dog and exercise at the same time. I use swimming and walking as thinking time for my writing. I keep up with my radio shows while cooking.

Despite all this I still don’t give enough to writing. I have long discovered I can only write in short concentrated bursts, If I write for more than about an hour the quality plummets (yes I can write even worse than this!) The main time I write my book is in the morning before work. I tend to write for my blog at the weekends. My new wheeze now is to spend a day of my week off  (wahoo  have a week off!) writing enough articles to last a half term. Then using the time in the rest of the week to work on the book. I’m going to break up the morning with dog walking and swimming as well as some work I’ve had to take home. I’m hoping to do two or three hours in short burst in the morning and leave the afternoons free.

Well I let you know how it gets on. Although the week will be over by the time this appears on my blog.
How do you all find time to write or whatever your hobby is?


18 thoughts on “We need to make time

  1. You are planning very well Eric 🙂
    I don’t watch TV, which I also found was a huge waste of time, but I do read news online instead.
    I try to manage my online time, otherwise I don’t get much else done, no matter how good intentions.

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  2. It really is so difficult to fill your time productively! There are always so many other things that call for your attention and after having done with them all, I seldom feel like being creative and just want to slump down in front of the TV. LOL! Like you I have those short-time energy bursts, and I try to work those off early in the morning so nothing else hinders my plans – and this works only every so often! 😀

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