Just had on of those great writing moments

My desk

As the title says I just had one of those great writing moments when I briefly felt like a real writer and might actually know what I’m doing. To be perfectly truthful if you are reading this then it was over a month ago as I schedule posts well in advance but don’t let truth get in the way of a good tale.

I was working through my current WIP, True Wizard. I’m supposed to be just adding extra content but have come bogged down in a detailed line edit so it’s taking for ever. One of my chapters started with this ghastly line.

As they got closer even Tybalt could tell this was an important and rich city.

I quickly deleted it and then with a spark of inspiration wrote a whole scene with dialogue between the two main characters. For once it ticked a lot of boxes. It moved the plot forward, it showed the deepening relationship between the two and even had character development. What’s even more unusual it sounded believable.

What’s even stranger I spent a week working on it and didn’t grow to hate it. Now if only I could do this to all the other terrible clunky passages in my book I might actually finish it.

Anyone else experienced the same or is all your writing amazing first time around?


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