Books that I’ve read


I’ve given up writing reviews I find it hard not to be honest and end up upsetting the author. So instead I’m going to do the occasional post listing the books I’ve read and what I liked about them. I’m going to leave out any bits I wasn’t so keen on. So recently I have read;

The Waking Fire by Anthony Ryan

An excellent steam punk fantasy book, excellent characters and story line. It’s got a number of twists to keep even me satisfied.


The Magus Covenant By Toni Pike

An excellent story with a very likable lead character, I’m looking forward to reading the next one.

The Wolf and the Lion By Alaric Longward.

I liked it but had quiet a few reservations, still it has an very exciting story.

The Fools and Mortals by Bernard Cornwell

fools and mortals

Loved this book even if I was going to allow myself to criticize it I couldn’t think of much to write although, (no stop it). Buy this one you will not be disappointed if like historical books.


The Crown of Stones: Magic Price by C.L.Schneider


Probably my second favorite on this list. It was a tricky to get into but ‘m glad I did as I ended up loving it. It has an original magic system which was of great interest to me as I’m trying to do the same with my book. What really stands out about this book is the ending, which I’m not going to ruin for you so you will have to get your own copy. Definitely going to be reading more in the series.

Black Lords of Eagles by Ben Blake


If I had to pick a favorite on the list I think it would be this one. Some very original story telling, rounded characters and I loved the ending which I’m not going to ruin it for you, Go buy it.

There it is. my reading list so far this year, any one want to share something they have read that was good?


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