How hard can it be to write a book?

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That is the tag line of my blog. So how hard was it? Well I have to say the first draft wasn’t that hard. It took me a couple of years I gave up on it at one point then went back. I was able to knock out a 90k first draft relatively painlessly although at the time I didn’t think it was.

The tag line should have been: How hard can it be to write a good book? You see my first draft was pretty much pants. I sent it to an author friend of mine who send it back with some very encourage words but basically told me it was crap.

I have since split it into two books added another major plot line, completely changed some of the characters. Deleted and re-written great chucks of it. I think I am now on my fifth or possibly sixth draft I reached the part of the book where it needs a lot of extra scenes, so I’m now about to embark on writing new bit rather than re-writing old ones. I now have some scenes in my book where I might describe as not bad, unfortunately most of it is still dire but I keep going.

There are people in this world who can knock out a first draft give it a quick polish and it’s ready to go. I can only conclude they have sold their souls in return for this super power. If you are thinking of writing a book be warned. The first draft is the easy part!

Any one else found it the same or have you too sold your souls?


18 thoughts on “How hard can it be to write a book?

  1. HA! Yes, I have to agree, those who are able to knock it out of the park on a first draft are either delusional, indebted for eternity to demonic overlords, or can only have been at this a really, really, really long time.

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  2. It’s fkn hard! First draft is easiest part. Editing is depressing lol
    I dunno if I’ll survive if anyone will tell me I have to edit it one more time or re-write it 😂😫


  3. I’m currently working on finishing a novel endeavor that I started during NaNoWriMo in 2012. I’m up to over 12,000 words. Editing is gonna suck so hard, but I’m prepared for it. I’m finally starting to get a hold of my characters, and the story that I want to tell. Luckily, my best friend has already offered to edit it when it’s finished, and I may hire a professional to edit it after Melissa does. But first, I need to finish it!!


  4. It can be a little soul killing, especially when you get conflicting advice but when you do have the book polished and compare it to the rough draft, that’s *nice*.


  5. I write dreadful first drafts I wouldn’t show anyone. My second draft (after a complete rewrite, restructure, new scenes and better ending) might go to my agent but she’ll tell me how to do another rewrite. Draft ten or so gets published. My advice is forget trying to write a good book and write a first draft. then turn it into a better book, and an even better book.


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