Advice from an unpublished author – Do some planning.

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I know there is this whole debate about planners and pantsers. I started of somewhere in the middle with a rough chapter guide some notes on characters and few bits and pieces around world building. This approach has got me into a bit of trouble. For example, I was explaining where different room are in a building which was quite important to the plot and I think all my floors are mixed up. What I should have done is made at least a rough floor plan. I have discovered my character notes are not detailed enough. I need much more information to make them appear more rounded, even if it doesn’t appear in the book I need to know.

I’ve recently been chatting to this very nice chap on twitter, who like me is writing his first fantasy novel. Unlike me he has spent ages getting the world building right including drawing amazing flour plans of buildings and detail character notes.

When I’ve finished this current draft, I think I will need to go back and flesh out my character notes and draw more then just a few maps. I think my re-writing would have gone a lot better if I had done this in the first place.

So go on confesses who is the same boat as me?


15 thoughts on “Advice from an unpublished author – Do some planning.

  1. Reblogged this on Claire Plaisted – Indie Author and commented:
    I’m a Pantser through and through. My first book was three chapters in before i even realised it. Needless to say over the last few years I do now make notes about characters and research, most of this is done as i go. One thing i hate in books is finding a writer has the wrong name.


      1. It’s made up of mainly large islands I’m think of adding a large content. I have names for the islands, towns and villages. I know how they are all governed. I have a detailed magic system and religions Just can’t think of the name of the world.

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  2. I started writing without any plan, just a story line in my head, with a vague beginning, middle and end. When I got about a quarter in, I felt that I needed more planning and organisation as my mind was muddled and I got stuck, so I wrote detailed character sketches and made a timeline of events. I still get stuck from time to time, and my plan keeps changing, but I have some clarity now. My story is set in the real world, in a place I know well, so I don’t have that added difficulty.

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  3. Interesting post, Eric. So far I’ve been writing flash fiction and short stories but I think planning is important even with short stories. Flash fiction not so much. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂 — Suzanne

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