I have invented a new game

Looking for something.

This game is easy to play and costs nothing – well you need an internet connection. Go to the BBC news site and pick a story that has comments on it. The only story you are not allowed to pick is one that is about Brexit, any other story is fine. Now read through the comments and see how quickly somebody mentions Brexit or the EU in general. It can be for or against.

Doesn’t matter what the article is about it’s almost certain that some person will bring the argument back to Brexit or Europe. To prove it here is an article about OFCOM making BT share its poles with other companies, nothing to do with Europe. If you read the comments a few jokes about poles and Brexit but this mange’s to include it as part of their argument.


133. Posted ************
on23 Feb 2018 14:11
Why so many thumbs down for some very sensible comments? Yes, BT is an anachronistic throwback to the 1970’s when there was no competition. 40 years later, there still isn’t enough and OFCOM are proving to be a toothless shark in opening up this market. We need improved infrastructure in this country like no tomorrow otherwise we are sunk – Brexit or not. Wake up May, smell the coffee and kick *ss

If you don’t believe me have a go but do it quickly it’s a game that’s dyeing out as I’ve noticed the BBC are allowing comments on fewer articles and if you ever read the comments you would understand why.

Anyone else have any unusual games they want to share?

9 thoughts on “I have invented a new game

  1. Here’s one. Stay on the BBC website and pick any article about politics and see how much of it is facts based versus how much of it is opinion based. I bet there aren’t many, I frequently read an article wanting to know “what happened, who said what etc etc” but within a few lines all I get is the reporters opinion on something I know very little about in the first place! 😂

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      1. It’s a potent mix of lazy journalism and reporting on the basis of personal preference. Nothing wrong with having a preference, but reporting it becomes propaganda as opposed to journalism.

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