How to manage a blog when you have no time.

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How to manage a blog when you have no time.

I do find it very hard to keep up with my blog. I have abandoned it on several occasions. Not because I don’t love it but not having the time to do it. I do have to remind myself how important it is for me to keep going with it. Not because I have anything important to say, to be honest it’s mainly drivel, but how helpful it to make me improve my writing. Particularly with the whole dyslexic thing making regular public posts has helped my work on my editing skills. Carefully going over what I have written trying to find the missing words and miss spelt words or often ones used in the wrong context. Regular readers will know have still have a long way to go on this.

Anyway, the point this post was to share how I keep going with my blog. My current system is to write the bulk of my posts over two or three days when I’m on holiday (I’m a teacher so I get quiet a few). I then spend a few days editing them, then schedule about seven or eight weeks in one go. Then each weekend I try and give the post one more edit before it goes live. I also write the odd post as I go if inspiration grabs me and save it to post with the others.

There is downside to this plan, well several. The first one is I run out of photos to use, my last series of blog post I ended up using the same old ones again and again. My plan for this go is to take some new ones. If this has a new picture you will see I managed it.

The other down side is having to think of seven or eight posts to publish and often end up writing filler posts like this one!

I probably ought to write more than one post a week but often lack the inspiration. I didn’t bother giving a detailed description of how to schedule post but if you don’t now please speak up I’ll wire and detailed walk through.

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Back working on my book

Anyone else have tips for managing a blog with limited time?


8 thoughts on “How to manage a blog when you have no time.

  1. I aim for one post monthly… I am a firm believer in not wanting to get buried myself in too many emails of new posts (as I try to follow some 30 blogs…) And as a rambler, I am sure one post is more than enough for most of my followers!

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