Recapturing my Youth – Playing D & D again

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Recapturing my Youth – Playing D & D again

I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons back in the 80’s. By fluke I rolled a magic user and have played them ever since, in computer games and other such things. I last played D & D in collage when I was about 18 with a group of very intense players that kind of put me off the game. Since then I’ve just had computer games but always wanted to go back and play the proper game. Watching Stranger times has reignited my urging for the game, but how does a middle-aged chap find a decent game? I trolled the internet in vein, the nearest game I could find was 50 miles away.

I did find a local table top games club but they meet in the next town. They play a variety of games but not D & D. I still lurked on their page for a year until finally somebody arranged a D & D game in my local town. I was unable to go to the first few but last night (by the time a post this it will be several weeks ago.) I plucked up my courage and went along. If I was being truthful I was expecting a group of large twenty somethings with questionable personal hygiene. I was completely wrong. There were eight other people a range of ages and background, include a woman of the female variety, I was by far the biggest. All of them appeared normal and washed regularly, well at least they had washed that day.

We started off in a pub which was a bit noisy, so we decamped to someone’s office. The group spilt in to two and I was with three other chaps who didn’t mind my total lack of knowledge. With their help I made a Wizard (I know I should have gone for something different but I’m a creature of habit) I was pleased to see the sleep spell and fire blot still existed both of which I used with some success (I will not mention the 1 I rolled). I even joined in the role playing a bit making my character a coward, which worked until the paladin cast heroism on me so I launched in to the melee armed only with my dagger causing 0 damage.

 youth, 1980's
Me back in the 80’s

I enjoyed the evening and will definitely be returning, that’s unless my cowardice put them off and they change the venue and not tell me.

5 thoughts on “Recapturing my Youth – Playing D & D again

  1. Had a short stint while at University with playing a late 90’s equivalent of D&D. There’s just something about a good RPG that’s really addictive. I eventually moved on to MMORPGs — easier to play from the comfort of one’s home — and even met my husband that way (we’ve been married for 15 years now thanks to EverQuest). Once a gamer, always a gamer. 🙂


  2. I returned to D&D back in 2016, after 23 years away. I’ve enjoyed it more since I returned than I ever did back in the day. I play mostly online using Fantasy Grounds and Roll20. I’m loving it. Hope you continue to play.

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