Olly Murs is my new best friend and other Twitter adventures

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Olly Murs is my new best friend and other Twitter adventures

I have been recently more active on Twitter. I’ve been trying to use it to promote my blog, which hasn’t been overly successful I only get a small amount of traffic that way despite having over twice as many followers on Twitter than on wordpress.

What has been fun is conversing with a lot of other authors, there is a very nice writing community. I haven’t experienced the nastiness I’m told can happen.

What has been interesting is some of the other strangeness. Those of you who have seen my picture would be surprised to hear on twitter I have attracted a large number scantily clad young woman wanting to be my friend and giving me a chance to view their private videos. Being happily married I had to decline, but the offers keep coming.

On the whole I’ve avoided following celebrities, apart from J.K. Rowling and Stephen Fry of course, they haven’t followed me back. Recently I discovered Olli Murs then P. Diddy started following me and bombarding me with private messages. Admittedly the messages contain links to dodgy sites but still. I wonder if they would endorse my book when it is published?

Anyone wish to share to share some twitter craziness?


One thought on “Olly Murs is my new best friend and other Twitter adventures

  1. Thankfully I am saved from any such “Twitter craziness” till date Eric…
    But hey! Olly Murs is my favorite too! He’s really a different mold from the rest of his contemporaries…

    All the best for your next day @Twitter 😉


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