First of my Re-blogs – the Amazing Derrick Knight.

Derick is one of the nicest people on word press, I always look forward to his friendly comments on my blog posts. However that isn’t all, he is an amazing photographer. His posts are always saturated with his great photos. He has the gift of making the every day look and sound like an adventure.  He is a modern day Samuel Pepys with his diary entries. Don’t take my word for it go and read his blog. 

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ACCESS GALLERY, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS OF WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE BY SCROLLING DOWN AND CHECKING BOX AT BOTTOM RIGHT. A combination of my own slumbering stupor and a hot, humid, largely overcast, day presaging the predicted thunderstorm caused me to doze the day away. Jackie, however, prepared Mum’s perching […]

via A Glimpse Of What’s Been Happening — derrickjknight


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