Final re-blog of the week – reconnecting with a great blog.

This used to be my favorite blog and would read it avidly. Now I wish I had a great story to why I stopped reading it. It would ideal if I had fallen out with Hugh, how he had insulted me in someway or had started an internet campaign of hate against me. Of course none of this happened. For some reason his blog stopped popping up on my reader when I was scrolling through it. Being very lazy I didn’t go looking for it. From now on I will make a point to hunt it down. I even added it to my browser favorites, something I never do unless it’s about Harry Potter

Hugh’s blog is one of the best ones with a mixture of great photos, writing and advice. I’ve picked a photographic one to share but if I where you I would check out some of his other posts as well you will not be disappointed.

That’s it for re-blogs next weekend I will return to writing my usual drivel.


via Embrace #photography

2 thoughts on “Final re-blog of the week – reconnecting with a great blog.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my recent post and for your lovely kind words about me and my blog, Eric. I have no idea how I fell off your reader, but it’s great to be back. And, how honoured I am to be added to your browser next to Harry Potter. Thank you.

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