Another book update – try to contain your excitement.

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As my blog is supposed to be about my book I thought I ought to do another book update. I’m feeling a bit smug at the moment. When I produced my first draft it was about 90k words then I decided to cut the book in to two. This meant my first draft was only 63k words. After a lot of work, I’ve gone passed the 90k mark. At the time of writing this I’m at 94k words.

I increased it by expanding bits I had just skimmed over and changed a lot of telling into showing I’ve not finished this re-write yet I have a further seven chapter to go through. My plan is to get them finished by the start of the summer holiday and then spend the holiday on another edit of the book. I’m hoping that edit will be a bit quicker as I’m planning on doing some tiding up. Getting rid of my over description, making sure the names haven’t changed and finally sorting the grammar and punctuation errors.

If that goes to plan I should be after beta readers in September. With any luck receive the comments back by Christmas, then hire and editor. With any luck the book should be ready to find and agent by Easter. That’s the plan anyway. I know I’ve set myself deadlines before and failed to meet them but hopefully I will this time. I love my book but I’m getting a bit sick of it, I want to move on to book two.

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