What do J.K. Rowling, Tina Turner, Harper Collins and Danny Pierce all have in common?

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Has anyone spotted it yet? Well you not likely to. I have recently discovered twitter put a limit on the number of people you can follow. It’s related to how many people follow you, I suspect it’s to cut down on bots. If you don’t know what a twitter bot is, you are very lucky, your life will not be enriched with the knowledge.

I recently hit my follow limit and decided to do a bit of a cull. With twitter I’m very nice if someone follows me then I follow them back. I also go hunting likely people who look interesting to follow.

Looking through my list of whom I follow I discovered some unscrupulous people follow you, which I then follow back only to have them unfollow me. I find this more than just a bit rude. So, I started a new policy of unfollowing people who are not following me, a bit petty you might think but I had hit my limit. I had made four exceptions to this rule J.K. Rowling, Tina Turner, Harper Collins and Danny Pierce. Despite them not following me I decided not to cull them.

It was also shock to find Olliy Murs and P Diddy have stopped following me, is this because I stopped clicking on the dodgy links they kept DM’ing me? I was devastated my dreams of celebrity endorsement went up in flames.

Now if you have read down this far (well done you reward yourself with cake) I have a confession to make. I included Danny’s name in my title to see if it would make his dad and a few of his cronies click on the link in Facebook and increase my traffic – low I know but its all about the numbers. Danny if you want to know is a boy I knew years ago who grew up to be a Vicar (who would of guessed) and a talented if yet undiscovered song writer who I still follow on twitter, despite the fact he doesn’t follow me.

How are other people finding twitter?


9 thoughts on “What do J.K. Rowling, Tina Turner, Harper Collins and Danny Pierce all have in common?

  1. If truth be told, I’m on Twitter but I don’t bother with it. I know that I have a lot to learn there – just haven’t found the time to dedicate to twittering. Do let me know when Tina Turner, J.K and Harper Collins join your fan base 😉

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  2. I had no idea that Twitter gave a limited on how many people you can follow.

    The ‘follow you, follow me,’ then ”unfollow you’ game is something that happens here on WordPress as well. You may like this free site which tells you who has unfollowed you on Twitter.


    You can then unfollow them back. Some will follow you again, and then unfollow you when you follow them back. It’s rather like ‘Twitter Bingo.”

    I get lots of traffic to my blog from Twitter. However, you have to use it every day to get it to work for you.

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