Wednesdays surreal writing prompt

O.K it’s not surreal, I wouldn’t have a clue how to carry that off but was hoping it might inspire someone to a bit of alternative writing the prompt is;

“The potato is the key”

I didn’t explain why I need a photo of him holding a potato

It comes from a conversation I had with my 18-year-old while going in and out of dosing after having a lot of pain killers.

The rules, well guidelines;

Try not to make it about food or a meal
You can treat it as a one sentence, 100 words or 500-word flash fiction – my idea for this one will probably work as 500 words.

If you have a go, please share it and I’ll turn the entries into another post – I’m going to post my feeble effort so yours is probably better than mine.

If I’m the only one who does it then I’ll still carry on but a few interesting entries will help distract me from the pain!

Happy writing!


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