Another Wednesday Writing prompt

I have another drug (prescription only!) induced writing prompt. Last week two others join in. I was very touched I didn’t expect anyone too. After this weeks prompt I’ll link last weeks efforts including my own.

I should also add because I’ve left writing this to the last minute and pain wise I’m not having a good day, I’m typing this straight into WordPress so will have more errors than usual.

This weeks prompt;

Have the aliens landed yet?

After taking the strong painkillers I woke my wife up in the early hours to ask that. Apparently they hadn’t.

The rules, well guidelines;

It can be about anything you like
You can treat it as a one sentence, 100 words or 500-word flash fiction – I’m going to try for one sentence this time.

If you feel like joining in then please do it will make my day.

Last weeks prompt

Here are the two excellent entries, click on then and read them, both are really good;

Looking at it Differently

Kyt Wright

Here is my effort – I cheated I went over 500 words.

The Potato is key

“Move over Jenkins you ass I can’t see a thing!”

“Pipe down Thompson someone will hear us, I do wish Smith would hurry up, he’s going to get caught I just know it.”

“Evening boys.”

All four jumped in fright and spun around. Standing before them in his immaculate tweed suite was the former Spitfire ace, now Latin Master with a bemused look on his face.

“What is going on?” He raised an eyebrow.

The boys looked at each other guiltily no one spoke.

“Now boys we could move this to my study where I thrash all of you, but none of us want that. So why don’t you just tell me, I can be suitably cross, tick you all off then we can carry on with our evenings.”

The boys looked at each other.

“I’m waiting”

Thomson spoke up. “Well the thing is sir, we wanted to make a name for ourselves, only being new boys and potato is key. The older boys told us about the head’s potato.”

“Sorry, the what?”

“Head’s potato. We heard about it from the older boys. When you are older the head invites you to see his potato.”

“The other night Simpson came back late after lights out and was a bit quiet. Davis our dorm prefect told us it was because of the heads potato. I thought it must be pretty amazing to make Simpson so overawed and he’s a boxing blue already.”

Thompson gave Jenkins a dirty look for interrupting him.

“Smith thought he we could borrow this potato and show the other boys we would make a name for ourselves.”

“You think the head has a special potato that somehow hasn’t rotted?”

“Well the head teaches science we though he has preserved it somehow.”

A small blond haired boy appeared from the bushes looking red faced and out of breath.

“That was a close one I was nearly caught!” He then noticed Mr. Penworth and his mouth clamed shut.

“It alright Smith your friends have told me the full story; did you find this potato?”

“No sir, I came across this, then I heard the head coming so I scarpered.” He handed Penworth an A5 manila envelope. On the front was scrawled “Boys enjoying my potato.” He broke the seal and looked at it’s contents. The boys could see they were photographs. Penworth eyes went wide with shock.

“I say you boys stay where you are!”
They all looked up. The red faced Head was matching towards them. Penworth quickly slipped the envelope inside his jacket.

“Headmaster are you alright, you look upset?”

The head reached the group. “Someone has been in my study and taken a personal item.” He turned to the boys. “Where have you been this evening?” They all looked at their feet.
Penworth spoke up. “They have been spending the evening with me headmaster. I’m afraid I’ve been boring them ridged with my war stories. These boys are not you thief.”

“Oh, quite so.”

“Now cut along boys and remember they way to make a name for yourself is on the rugger field or the cricket pitch.”

“Yes, quiet so”

The boys left with indecent haste.

“I’m glad I bumped into you. I was wondering if I might borrow the school car and pop into town, an old pal from my unit is passing through.”

“Oh yes quite so, enjoy your evening, I must continue with my search.”

Penworth watched his retreating back and muttered under his breath. “Yes, my old chum Chief Inspector Plum.”


7 thoughts on “Another Wednesday Writing prompt

  1. Wonderful. I really enjoyed your story, very well done indeed. It’s nice that all three are so different too. I really should get started on the prompt you’ve set this week but it’s got me rather stumped so I’m off to brainstorm over a coffee. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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