Magic and Sci-fi – Ben Blake is Wrong!

I was inspired to write this article as a response to the excellent article written by Ben Blake. Now I have always liked Ben both as an author and a person but in this case, he is wrong. Sorry Ben.

He states that fighting in sci-fi film is unrealistic, more akin to dog fights in WWII and that that missile fired from miles away would be more realistic. Firstly, dog fights are way more interesting to watch. Secondly and more importantly along with energy weapons they also have shielding and deflectors which makes the types of missiles he talks about redundant and therefore you would have to use energy weapons. I have proof, well not actual proof as unlike Harry Potter Star Wars is made up. In the first film Luke has to fly under the shield and deflectors to fire a missile in to the exhaust port.

Turning to magic here I do see his point a bit. The example he gives I have seen in a book where the magic users can manipulate time to move faster and kill with sword’s and daggers, it was quite a good book. Now I have read a lot of fantasy and often it works well if the magic makes sense. If there is a magic system of sorts it tends to work better than just have people throwing random fire balls around the place. However it can go to far and over explain where the magic comes from.

My wand

In my book, well yes I had to mention that somewhere, I have devised what I hope is an original magic system. It was inspired by another book (bet you can’t guess which one) but have taken one small part and changed it in to a way of making my magic make sense. I know why some people have magical powers and others do not. That information isn’t in the first book, it might come out later, but I hope it makes the magic more constant to the reader. Only time will tell.

If you have read this far (well done by the way if you have, reward yourself with a cake) tell me what you think who is right me or Ben? You will have to read his article as well.

Learning how to cast spells. I made Aaron do it as well so I wouldn’t look sad

7 thoughts on “Magic and Sci-fi – Ben Blake is Wrong!

  1. I think technology in the future will probably be so advanced that enemies won’t have to get anywhere near each other. However, that doesn’t make for a very interesting viewing or reading experience. Again with magic, perhaps wizards and mages could rid themselves of their enemies without going into battle but that’s probably not going to be exciting. Writers and film makers are here to entertain at the end of the day. The quality of the story is what matters.

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  2. Hehe, you’re right that realistic space battles might be boring on film. But that’s the challenge. Making them look like a Sopwith Camel dogfighting the Red Baron is a cop-out. I tend to think space battles would be very like submarine warfare, where the key is the enemy not knowing where you are – run silent, run deep. A great big station like the Death Star might as well have “Kick Me” written on it in huge red letters.

    As for Fantasy, what really irks me is when a hero (Aragorn for e.g) goes through great battles without a mark on him. But everyone would be hurt a bit, even if only by where the shield bruises his arm as it absorbs a blow. I like the fantastical, but not the ludicrously improbable.

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  3. I think Ben makes some valid points.
    Maybe he didn’t pick the best examples but there is validity to the question in some cases.
    Yes, the reason for the close up fighting in Star Wars is clearly explained and makes perfect sense.
    Likewise, the coiffured elegance of some heroes after an epic battle can be ludicrous, though in LOTR they suffer some horrific injuries and fatalities along the way.
    Some magical systems are overpowered, I humbly submit the world of Harry Potter as my exhibit A.
    Why on Earth do wizards have to hide from muggles when Voldemort’s final solution is so chillingly logical?
    Muggles are scarcely half-human next to wizards, and contribute nothing to the benefit of them, save the occasional spouse.
    Yet wizards cower in fear of being outed.
    Why isn’t the world simply run by wizards?

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  4. If you can swap out your phaser/tricorder for a wand, it probably shouldn’t be called science fiction. And sometimes the protagonist should work rather than just dial up the tech gizmo or discover a new miraculous power wand. Make them work for a living.


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