It’s Wednesday – It’s writing prompt time!

I have another prompt for this week. I had a bad night on Saturday and had to take the strong tablets and had a very odd dream;

“That door wasn’t there before!”

The rules, well guidelines;

It can be about anything you like
You can treat it as a one sentence, 100 words or 500-word flash fiction – I’m not sure what i’m going to do this time.

If you feel like joining in then please do it will make my day.

Last weeks prompt; here are the entries;

Colin combined two weeks prompts and came up with this master piece.

Another great one from LookingatThingsDifferently

KTWright has surpassed him self with this entry.

A new participant this week from the Dark Netizen. An excellent story in so few words.

Here is my Entry;

He woke in cold sweat, He turned to his wife and nudged her awake. “Have the aliens landed yet?” Her eyes opened and she gave him the smile that turned his insides into jelly. She swept his damp hair out his eyes. “What are you talking about my love, we landed years ago.”

I hope I’ve not missed any one off, please let me know if I have. I look forward to reading this weeks entries.


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