Blogging to much

I love my blog, I look forward to checking it each morning. I like writing different articles for it. It’s a great feeling when you get a spark of inspiration for a post. It also makes me very happy when someone takes the time to write a comment, and they are nearly always nice friendly […]

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The price of friendship

As a child, I was always told you can’t buy friendship. Such ideas were reinforced with the parable of the prodigal son, who as I’m sure you all know his friends vanished once his money ran out. Now I’m beginning to question this wisdom. We have all been plagued with offers of thousands of followers […]

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Another week of re-blogs

Next week I shall just be posting re-blogs. I did this a while ago and enjoyed it. I went hunting for great articles to share. There a lot of interesting writers and blogs you just have to go and look. I don’t regularly re-blog because it’s my blog for good or bad but for the […]

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