I’ve finally reached 1000 followers. Thank you to every one who follows my blog. An even bigger thank you to those who read it, a far smaller but select group. I’ve been very bad recently at reading other peoples blogs. Something I shall try and rectify and some how make the time. Thank you again, […]

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It’s the drugs talking

Some of you might have noticed my blog has gone quiet. Those of you not friends with me on facebook (If you’re not come over and join me) will not know I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. I took a tumble down some stairs and before you ask I was sober. I hit my […]

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A week of re-blogs.

  I’ve not done this for a while, so I thought it was time for another week of re-blogs. I will find a new sight to share with you each day. I already have a couple in mind but if you would like me to include yours please say so in the comments. If I […]

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Back in the blogging world

After a longer absence than I originally planned I’ve returned to my blog. Work has been particularly busy for the past few month and I’ve also been kept editing editing a book. Not mine unfortunately someone else’s, more of that another time. My own book has been progressing a lot more slowly than I would […]

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