Feel free to scream

I’m sure like me, you have all been avidly following the latest controversy with Justin Bieber and his UK tour. Just in case you haven’t, he has been asking his audience to stop screaming so he can connect with them. I can’t imagine this a two-way thing so I assume he was planning on talking […]


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The price of loyalty

I have always valued loyalty, in all aspects life and rather naively expect it back. When I don’t get it in return it annoys me. I bank with Halifax and have my household insurance with them. I have done so for the last four years. Despite the fact I have never claimed on any type […]

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Back again

Some of you may have noticed, or not, I don’t know, that I’ve not been posting properly for a while. It isn’t due to lack of articles I have quite a few saved. A few weeks ago I lost my confidence with my writing. I posted some articles about my holiday, I thought they would […]

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The smelly toilet

Our recent holiday on a canal boat was great I would recommend it and the company we hired from to anyone but I’m not sure I wouldn’t recommend the boat we hired. It was very narrow (douh!) the bed was unconformable but the toilet was something else. These boat are equipped with toilets that have […]

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Endurance Writing

A few years ago endurance ironing was the rage but has endurance writing ever been recognised as a sport? You may wonder why I am suddenly asking this. I was at my writing group when I overheard a conversation between two older members. A bit rude to eavesdrop you might think, but when I post […]

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It’s all over now

I’ve done it, I’ve ended a relationship, I’ve sold my boat. I didn’t want to, I loved my boat. She was great to sail, but that’s the problem I can no long sail in her. It’s all my fault two years ago I ran her aground on some rocks damaging the keel. You would think […]

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Crowdfunding a book

Now before I launch into my tirade, please don’t be offended I’m not taking a pop at anyone who has done this. People who have are perfectly entitled too and no one forces any one to contribute this is just my personal opinion on it. Publishing a book is a commercial exercise most do it […]

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Suzane beware of the Devil

This old reggae song by Daddy Livingstone just came on my I-tunes and got me thinking. The basic idea is the singer has a girlfriend called Suzanne who has lost interest in him and found another chap. Instead of blaming himself, asking what he should do to win her back he is blaming the influence […]

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I love My new Note Book

As I have mentioned before I have a thing about fancy notebooks. My Harry Potter ones are getting full and was complaining the other day we can’t afford to order new ones this month, as any Harry Potter fan will tell you the merchandise is very expensive. My wife, obviously fed of up of my […]

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