My Goals for the Year

I wasn’t planning on writing one of these posts but since half the blogging world is I thought I would give it a go. I’m a sucker for peer pressure. My goals for this year; Personal ones Stop eating crisps for breakfast (I’m doing that now, eating. not stopping) Don’t drink alcohol for two days […]

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The price of friendship

As a child, I was always told you can’t buy friendship. Such ideas were reinforced with the parable of the prodigal son, who as I’m sure you all know his friends vanished once his money ran out. Now I’m beginning to question this wisdom. We have all been plagued with offers of thousands of followers […]

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The price of loyalty

I have always valued loyalty, in all aspects life and rather naively expect it back. When I don’t get it in return it annoys me. I bank with Halifax and have my household insurance with them. I have done so for the last four years. Despite the fact I have never claimed on any type […]

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