Advice from an unpublished author; Getting someone to critique your work before you publish.

I know this is easier said than done if you are an indie author on a limited budget. A decent editor will cost a lot, more than most hope to make out of their book. That leaves friends and family. The problem there is that they might just tell you how good it is, because […]


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True Wizard, an update.

I’ve not blogged about my book for a while so thought I would treat you all to an update. I know you have all been on tender hooks worrying about what’s happening. Well at least that’s what I like to pretend. I have sent part one off for a second opinion, I know it’s not […]

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Lucy Brazier Author interview

Top blogger and great author Lucy Brazier kindly agreed to visit my blog and answer a few question. I meet her fairly early on in my blogging journey and she has always been very supportive and helpful. She has recently re-released her first book. You had quiet an interesting journey with your book. First published […]

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Crowdfunding a book

Now before I launch into my tirade, please don’t be offended I’m not taking a pop at anyone who has done this. People who have are perfectly entitled too and no one forces any one to contribute this is just my personal opinion on it. Publishing a book is a commercial exercise most do it […]

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My first book launch

Not my book unfortunately but the first one I have ever attended. It was for a romantic fiction book, which is not my sort of thing at all, but the author is the same writing group as me so I thought I would be supportive, plus I wanted to see what happen in one. I […]

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Good enough to publish?

I recently read a rather unpleasant comment to a blog post about self-publishing. The gist of the comment was if a publisher will not publish your work then it is not good enough to publish so don’t. Apart from the tone was very rude and condescending I thought the post showed his ignorance about how […]

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