A cup for all seasons

Even thou I have been married seven years I have just discovered something strange about my wife. I have always taken if for granted that she felt the same way about cups as I do. The other day the bottom fell out of my world when I found she didn’t. Not only does she not […]

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Give quiche a chance.

Back when I was an evangelical Christian no church event was complete without quiche, for some reason every brought a quiche. Not nice homemade ones but rather soggy efforts from Tesco’s. Despite this traumatic childhood experience I have retained my love of them. Not just any quiche, I get home made ones from the local […]

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Homework Hell

Some of you may know I’m a teacher, but I never blog about work so I’m writing this as a parent. I was always hopeless at it, leaving homework to the last night and in some cases the morning before it was due. Despite this I managed to get by in school. My foster son […]

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The price of friendship

As a child, I was always told you can’t buy friendship. Such ideas were reinforced with the parable of the prodigal son, who as I’m sure you all know his friends vanished once his money ran out. Now I’m beginning to question this wisdom. We have all been plagued with offers of thousands of followers […]

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Failing at life

Don’t worry this isn’t one of my self-indulgent pity pieces. This is an idea I have been reading and thinking about for quite some time. As a child of the eighties I was indoctrinated by the need to succeed, you must be successful. You must own your own home, reach the top of your profession, […]

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The world Gone mad

Sorry to disappoint you but his isn’t about Trump or Brexit but please click on the like button before you move on to reading the next post about how the world is ending or how we are entering a new golden age depending on your persuasion. I had to book a ECG for eldest step […]

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