Not enough time to read

I have recently realised I am not reading enough. Normally I read loads of books a year. I had started my usual annual re-read of the Harry Potter Books at the start of the summer and by now I would be finished however I am on book six. I would love to say it’s because […]

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Confessions of a blogger

I have a confession, I’m a little embarrassed to be publicly admitting it, and I do feel very bad about it. I have not been reading your blogs recently. Well I’ve read a few, but not many. Writing my book has really taken off recently and keeping posting on my own blog takes time. Then […]

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Giving up on a book

The other day I had a very strange experience. Like most of you I read a lot; I read great books, good books, mediocre books. I even read down right awful books. I often read a book more than once, I have lost count how many times I have re-read Harry Potter. What I never […]

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Audio books saved my life!

Well ok they didn’t, that was my son refers to as ‘click bait.’ Like a lot of you I have an ever expanding to read list that grows quicker than I can read them. When I’m pottering in the kitchen I also like to listen to comedy radio shows on the BBC i-player. News quiz […]

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