Advice from an unpublished author – Do some planning.

I know there is this whole debate about planners and pantsers. I started of somewhere in the middle with a rough chapter guide some notes on characters and few bits and pieces around world building. This approach has got me into a bit of trouble. For example, I was explaining where different room are in […]


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Back in the blogging world

After a longer absence than I originally planned I’ve returned to my blog. Work has been particularly busy for the past few month and I’ve also been kept editing editing a book. Not mine unfortunately someone else’s, more of that another time. My own book has been progressing a lot more slowly than I would […]

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I’m a writing machine

I’ve had a really productive week. During week days before work I’ve manged about 200 words a day. This weekend I’ve written nearly thousand words. In addition to that I’ve edited two chapters of James Harrington’s latest book and written a blog post. If only every week was like this then I’ll be finished in […]

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