I’ve finally reached 1000 followers. Thank you to every one who follows my blog. An even bigger thank you to those who read it, a far smaller but select group. I’ve been very bad recently at reading other peoples blogs. Something I shall try and rectify and some how make the time. Thank you again, […]


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Back in the blogging world

After a longer absence than I originally planned I’ve returned to my blog. Work has been particularly busy for the past few month and I’ve also been kept editing editing a book. Not mine unfortunately someone else’s, more of that another time. My own book has been progressing a lot more slowly than I would […]

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Blogging to much

I love my blog, I look forward to checking it each morning. I like writing different articles for it. It’s a great feeling when you get a spark of inspiration for a post. It also makes me very happy when someone takes the time to write a comment, and they are nearly always nice friendly […]

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Another week of re-blogs

Next week I shall just be posting re-blogs. I did this a while ago and enjoyed it. I went hunting for great articles to share. There a lot of interesting writers and blogs you just have to go and look. I don’t regularly re-blog because it’s my blog for good or bad but for the […]

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