Hounded by Ducks

One of the features of the Avon and Kennet canal was the wildlife. I don’t know an awful lot about it but nice to see how excited the youngest got spotting all the birds and insects. It was mainly ducks, with some swans and the odd moorhen and coot. The ducks and swans where very […]

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Endurance Writing

A few years ago endurance ironing was the rage but has endurance writing ever been recognised as a sport? You may wonder why I am suddenly asking this. I was at my writing group when I overheard a conversation between two older members. A bit rude to eavesdrop you might think, but when I post […]

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My strange dog

I have always thought people who write about their pets are starting on a path that eventually leads to living in secure accommodation with 24-hour care and all sharp objects removed. Sorry Hugh and Tejaswi. However, I was trying to come up with ideas for my blog so I made the mistake of asking my […]

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