I’ve finally finished my book!

O.K. that was a bit of a lie. I’ve not completely finished. What I have done is finished the re-write/edit. When I started, it was a mere slip of a thing with 63K words now it has a mammoth 98K bulging (I hope) with sub plots, read herrings and hints of what’s to come. So, […]


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I’ve finished!

I’ve done it I have finished my book. Well not quite, I’ve finished the first draft. 90554 words of it. The last chapter proved to be a bit of a pig and I’m not that happy with it at the moment but it will have to do. I was trying to remember when I started, […]

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All most there

At the time of writing this my book is just shy of 87K words, some of them are even good. For a long time, I thought I would never finish my book. I did stop writing it for about five months when I hit 30k. Now I can feel it coming to the end. I […]

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