My Goals for the Year

I wasn’t planning on writing one of these posts but since half the blogging world is I thought I would give it a go. I’m a sucker for peer pressure. My goals for this year; Personal ones Stop eating crisps for breakfast (I’m doing that now, eating. not stopping) Don’t drink alcohol for two days […]


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Write every day in May

I came across this by accident when I was looking for a hashtag for my latest pointless tweet about my word count. Before finding, it I have been trying, and for once successfully, to write every day. I did try setting myself goals about how many posts, scenes and short stories I would write in […]

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Setting Myself Goals

In this results driven world we are supposed to have them. In work I have, I think it’s now called performance management, but it changes its name quite regularly. I did write a bit about work goals but decided sometimes it’s best to stay quiet! We are supposed to have personal ones as well, I’m […]

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