Magic and Sci-fi – Ben Blake is Wrong!

I was inspired to write this article as a response to the excellent article written by Ben Blake. Now I have always liked Ben both as an author and a person but in this case, he is wrong. Sorry Ben. He states that fighting in sci-fi film is unrealistic, more akin to dog fights in […]


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How can it be Christmas again?

I don’t understand how Christmas can only be a few weeks away. There must be some mistake it can’t possibly be that time again. I demand a recount, somebody has messed up the calendar. I’m sure once it’s looked at by experts it will be discovered it is in fact still October. Until the official […]

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Dementors are abroad

There are some people who are a joy to be with, hanging out with them makes life a happier place. There are some, whoever, who are the opposite of this. People who just suck the very joy from life. Doesn’t matter how well you are doing they will do their up-most to bring you down. […]

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I love My new Note Book

As I have mentioned before I have a thing about fancy notebooks. My Harry Potter ones are getting full and was complaining the other day we can’t afford to order new ones this month, as any Harry Potter fan will tell you the merchandise is very expensive. My wife, obviously fed of up of my […]

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My weekend cup

I love the weekends, I know this isn’t exactly earth shattering news. Most of us, however much they like their jobs, look forward to weekend. I like to do serval different things on the weekend to make it feel special. One of the things I do is have a cup I only drink out off […]

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