Problems with names again

I have a friend who was an author, he traditionally published two books, pre- kindle then gave up, which is a great shame because they were great books. A while ago he was castigating me about my choice of names for my books. I do find thinking of names for my book hard. I started […]


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The problem with Andrew

I find names hard to think of in my book so I have resorted to using list form the internet. I also thought I would use friends names as well. I started using friends names partly as a bit of a joke but also to help with the physical descriptions. Nothing wrong with that you […]

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My silly name

I have been blessed or cursed with an unusual name ‘Klingenberg.’ When I was very young it was certainly a curse. I remember struggling to learn to spell as an infant. I have always found spelling hard and it didn’t help my teacher was very liberal in her use of a ruler! When I was […]

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What’s in name?

I can not come up with a name for my world. I have no trouble thinking up plots, religions, magic systems, or characters but I can’t do names. I even tried a random name generator but no luck, at this rate my new word might be called Eric’s land or something equally lame.

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