It’s the best time of the year again

Another week and I haven’t scheduled a post, so you have put up with a pointless off the cuff one. Although there is no guarantee the schedule ones aren’t pointless as well. Anyway, some exciting news from me just finished reading my current book, Erased Boy, I would recommend it, especially if like me you […]


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Not enough time to read

I have recently realised I am not reading enough. Normally I read loads of books a year. I had started my usual annual re-read of the Harry Potter Books at the start of the summer and by now I would be finished however I am on book six. I would love to say it’s because […]

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Crowdfunding a book

Now before I launch into my tirade, please don’t be offended I’m not taking a pop at anyone who has done this. People who have are perfectly entitled too and no one forces any one to contribute this is just my personal opinion on it. Publishing a book is a commercial exercise most do it […]

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Giving up on a book

The other day I had a very strange experience. Like most of you I read a lot; I read great books, good books, mediocre books. I even read down right awful books. I often read a book more than once, I have lost count how many times I have re-read Harry Potter. What I never […]

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