Lucy Brazier Author interview

Top blogger and great author Lucy Brazier kindly agreed to visit my blog and answer a few question. I meet her fairly early on in my blogging journey and she has always been very supportive and helpful. She has recently re-released her first book. You had quiet an interesting journey with your book. First published […]


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Crowdfunding a book

Now before I launch into my tirade, please don’t be offended I’m not taking a pop at anyone who has done this. People who have are perfectly entitled too and no one forces any one to contribute this is just my personal opinion on it. Publishing a book is a commercial exercise most do it […]

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My writing group experience

I blogged a few weeks ago about joining a writing group, there is a local one held every month in the towns library. After much trepidation I planned to go along this month and see what it was like. I must admit I nearly chicken out in the morning and arranged with my wife she […]

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