We need to make time

Of course, it’s impossible to make time, what I mean is we (or at least I) need to spend our time more productively. We all have a lot of calls on our time not least we need to sleep. A massive waste of time but you can’t survive without it. For me then next biggest […]


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True Wizard, an update.

I’ve not blogged about my book for a while so thought I would treat you all to an update. I know you have all been on tender hooks worrying about what’s happening. Well at least that’s what I like to pretend. I have sent part one off for a second opinion, I know it’s not […]

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Plans for the Summer

Last year at the end of the summer holiday I wrote a post worrying I had wasted my time. I know I’m lucky getting six weeks off, something I get great pleasure from reminding my friends of, but I do worry that I waste it. This year I decide to write out what I hope […]

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Write every day in May

I came across this by accident when I was looking for a hashtag for my latest pointless tweet about my word count. Before finding, it I have been trying, and for once successfully, to write every day. I did try setting myself goals about how many posts, scenes and short stories I would write in […]

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