Wednesday Writing Prompt – this time you have longer to think of something.

This week’s writing prompt has arrived. I’m off on my holidays, so the next prompt will be on 5th September or possibly the after that. That means you have lots of time for inspiration to strike. This week’s prompt is: “Just one more pill at it will change everything.” The rules, well guidelines; It can […]


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Another Wednesday Writing prompt

I have another drug (prescription only!) induced writing prompt. Last week two others join in. I was very touched I didn’t expect anyone too. After this weeks prompt I’ll link last weeks efforts including my own. I should also add because I’ve left writing this to the last minute and pain wise I’m not having […]

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It’s the drugs talking

Some of you might have noticed my blog has gone quiet. Those of you not friends with me on facebook (If you’re not come over and join me) will not know I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. I took a tumble down some stairs and before you ask I was sober. I hit my […]

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