The dream isn’t really over

Last week I posted an article, saying my dream is over. It was click bate I wanted to get people to think I had given up writing. If you read the article it refers to me being a tennis star. The article worked my traffic to my blog increased it was the best day this year, I think my second most read article. Unfortunately, it worded a bit too well and a lot off people didn’t get the joke.

So, to be clear I am still writing and intend to finish my book. The few times I’ve played tennis I was hopeless, it was just a joke!

I really appreciated all the kind comments and suggestions. I’m going to wait and see if I will need speech recognition software after my forthcoming operations, for now I will stick with left handed typing. Sorry to anyone who got the wrong end of the stick and please keep reading my blog!


8 thoughts on “The dream isn’t really over

  1. Oh Eric, knowing you as I do, you are the least sporty person I know. I hope you will still be able to sail in the future. You were so keen and enjoyed your boat so much. Keep writing the blogs.


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