Editing my own book is hard

I’m not a complete stranger to editing as I mention a few hundred times before I did edit James Harrington’s Soul Siphon (go buy it, it’s good). I was quite looking forward to editing my own. The book is in two parts. With Part One I kept going endless back over it correcting and re-writing […]

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Music To Match My Mood

Old Vic has been following me for a while and I try to check out his when I can. He blog can be a bit left field but I like that. Here is a great post with music. The first video didn’t work for me. Not sure what I’m going to re-blog tomorrow.

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Don’t speak to Bob

Originally posted on Cryssa Bazos:
Just don’t. Trust me, no one wants to hear that conversation. Ask my critique group, I have no tolerance for him. Who’s Bob? You know Bob—every writer knows Bob, but historical fiction writers know him best. Bob is the gate crasher, the unwanted guest who always brings down the party, only…

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