5 Things that I hate

I like to think I’m a fairly easy going sort of chap but there are some things in life I hate so much it almost drives me to physical violence. If we take it as read I hate the usual thing that any self-respecting liberal does like racism intolerance, homophobia etc. here is my list […]


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Changing a character

You might recall last week I said I was going to change a character from and evil child beating sadistic teacher that kills a boy to a friendly charming likable teacher who kills a boy. When I wrote the original one he just came over as a pantomime villain. I think I subconsciously tried to […]

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Blogs that I Love

I’ve only been doing the blogging properly since August. In my short time I have been pleasantly surprised how many amazing blogs I have come across. I haven’t got into awards yet mainly because they are rather time consuming, not that I don’t appreciate being nominated. Maybe one day I’ll go through and put them […]

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Good enough to publish?

I recently read a rather unpleasant comment to a blog post about self-publishing. The gist of the comment was if a publisher will not publish your work then it is not good enough to publish so don’t. Apart from the tone was very rude and condescending I thought the post showed his ignorance about how […]

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