Wednesday Writing Prompt – this time you have longer to think of something.

This week’s writing prompt has arrived. I’m off on my holidays, so the next prompt will be on 5th September or possibly the after that. That means you have lots of time for inspiration to strike.

This week’s prompt is:

“Just one more pill at it will change everything.”

The rules, well guidelines;

It can be about anything you like apart from suicide – I don’t want to make it too easy.
You can treat it as a one sentence, 100 words or 500-word flash fiction –
If you feel like joining in then please do, it will make my day.
For once I know what I’m going to do for this one.

Here are last weeks entries. As per usual a very quality again I enjoyed reading them

Colin has gone with a bit horror vibe – Well written as always.

Kytwright entry is more tales of the unexpected. He’s told me part of it is based on a true story – not the ending! Again well worth a read.

If I missed your entry please let me know.

Here is mine;

Rory looked up from his tasteless stew, he just didn’t have his wife’s skill at cooking. He watched his twin boys chatting animatedly, they had both eaten his stew without complaint. Not for the first time he worried that they didn’t appear effected by the disappearance of their mother. If anything they where happier. Was that normal?

Then he noticed out the corner of his eye, on the wall opposite. He got up and walked over.

“What’s wrong daddy?”

“This door wasn’t there before.”

He heard the boy’s chairs scrape on the floor as they came over to join him.
He opened the door and peered inside, but it was pitch black. None of the light from the kitchen could penetrate it.

“This was the door that mummy went through.”

“What do you mean? Do you know what happened?”

“Yes, mummy had to go through the door.”

“She was too angry all the time.”

Rory stood there speechless, not wanting to believe what he heard.

“Now it’s your turn daddy.”

“Yes, you are too sad.”

Before he had time to react, he felt their small hands on his back. Then with surprising strength he was pushed through the door in the dark and heard it slam behind him.


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