I’ve finally reached 1000 followers. Thank you to every one who follows my blog. An even bigger thank you to those who read it, a far smaller but select group. I’ve been very bad recently at reading other peoples blogs. Something I shall try and rectify and some how make the time. Thank you again, […]


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Another Wednesday Writing prompt

I have another drug (prescription only!) induced writing prompt. Last week two others join in. I was very touched I didn’t expect anyone too. After this weeks prompt I’ll link last weeks efforts including my own. I should also add because I’ve left writing this to the last minute and pain wise I’m not having […]

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I have my garden back

I used to have a really nice garden, my lodger at the time, Tom helped me lick into shape. Then I got married moved out of the flat and rented it to my foster son. This was a bad move on many levels. One of those mistakes was he didn’t look after the garden, By […]

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