Soul Siphon Update

Originally posted on James Harringtons Creative Work:
This is it people, the final full week of development on the book before everything goes to the publisher. With any luck, the April 1st release date will actually become a reality… though I’ve never not had to postpone a release, fingers crossed this time! I’ve seen the…

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My writing group experience

I blogged a few weeks ago about joining a writing group, there is a local one held every month in the towns library. After much trepidation I planned to go along this month and see what it was like. I must admit I nearly chicken out in the morning and arranged with my wife she […]

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Harry Potter memes.

This is a departure from my usual sort of post. For a change I thought I would hunt down some Harry Potter memes and share them. When I went hunting I was a bit shocked at how nasty and misogynistic some of them were. I don’t know why I found it so shocking after all […]

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